Upcycled Purses

Fringed Out Louis Vuitton

When the Missouri summer makes it too humid to paint outside I’ve got to find something else to do with my time.

So I got to work Upcycling Vintage Louis Vuitton purses. I know so many people that have older versions or a little broken down Louis that they don’t use anymore. (Crazy the amount of money you can spend on a purse just to have the straps break down so quickly)  Just because they are a little worn does not mean they don’t have some amazing potential.

I absolutely love fringe. On everything. So why wouldn’t I put it on a purse that I can’t find a fringed version of? 

Step One was to weave the front flap of the purse with a long piece of leather. I later also did the same with the back flap of the purse.

Step Three I punched a row of holes along the top of the inside of the purse and tied the fringe on. Leaving a space in the middle so the logo can be seen.


After completing my first upcycle (which was terrifying. I mean, punching holes in a ridiculously expensive purse is insane) and loving the result I went online to find Authentic Vintage Louis Vuitton purses. 
In a world full of fakes you have to do your research to make sure you aren’t getting taken advantage of. There are many websites that can tell you how to tell a fake Louis Vuitton from a  real one. 

Step Four I found a guitar strap on Etsy that I loved (this took hours of looking) and when it arrived at the house I was so excited! It looked amazing. I cut the strap off the purse and then attached the guitar strap. 
Step Five was to find the perfect embellishment for the front flap. I had to combine a few different beads and such before I found the perfect look.

Second step was to hand cut most of my fringe. This took along time, but was better feeling and looking then any of the fringe I found at any store. You really can tell a difference in the way genuine leather hangs compared to “faux leather” fringe. 



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