Upcycled Purses

Homemade and Haute


Let’s face it… the holiday season can turn into a complete cluster fuck… very quickly. Christmas time isn’t all parties, drinks, and festive activities. It’s the stress of making it to all your family get togethers, finding them the perfect gifts, and not breaking the bank.

The quality of a gift is not measured by how much money you spent on it. Often times homemade gifts get overlooked. This year when thinking about what to buy for everyone, also think about what you could make for everyone!

This personalized gift is easy, cute, and the perfect Christmas gift for that special girl in your life!



  • Lay purse on flat surface


  • Slide the wooden beads onto the fringe. Add as many or as few as you personally prefer. Make sure the beads you choose have a wide enough hole to slide them onto the fringe.

  • Once the bead is on the fringe tie an overhand knot at the end of the fringe to prevent the bead from falling off. 
Overhand Knot Tying
Form a loop and pass the end through it. 
Tighten it to form the Overhand Knot. 
When pulled tight it can function as a simple stopper knot.
Personalize the purse to your own taste. Bright colors, nude colors, tons of beads, few beads…. totally up to you and what you’re feeling!

Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend… either way after you have a fun new purse to show off!


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