Upcycled Purses

Vintage Whiting and Davis Redesigned

As it gets harder and harder to find “Made In America” products you can imagine my surprise when I came upon a “Made In USA” purse in a small thrift shop in Germany. I instantly bought it, not only did I love the mesh metal design, but I love (almost) any product made in my country. 



With a few of the metal loops missing or detached, to the uncreative soul it would seem a “broken” piece. However, with the correct tools, attention to detail, and a little patiences it was a relatively easy fix. After doing some research on the “Whiting&Davis” imprint on the inside of the purse handle I discovered I had bought an absolute treasure for a few dollars!

At Whiting & Davis we’ve been joining little metal tiles into shimmering sheets of possibility since 1876. Fashion trends are changing all the time; one thing that has remained constant is the glamour of a Whiting & Davis handbag.

Now, I can not be sure when the purse was actually made, but after some research it appears to be one of the first designs of the Whiting & Davis bags from the early 1900’s.

Whiting & Davis’ beautiful,
high quality purses are the
coveted accessory of flappers,
actresses and “well dressed
women everywhere.” Through
automation and advertising,
the company expands its
reach, becoming, and remaining
to this day, the world’s leading
mesh handbag manufacturer.


One of the first Whiting & Davis designs

These metal bags are beautiful, innovative, and creative; however, I still wanted to put my own personal touch on my “new” bag. Since anything with fringe is eye catching and amazing I decided to take this classic purse and add a boho feel to it with metal fringe. 

Feather tipped copper fringe added the perfect touch to this gold pouch. They say not to mix silver with gold, but since I don’t like to follow traditional ideas I mix whatever I like and make it look good.  

Adding a few more metals together created a unique pendant to hang from one side.

The idea was that the dominate gold color establishes the purse, while the copper and silver accents draw the eye to the entire piece, giving it uniqueness and depth.

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