Refinished Furniture

Vintage Chairs Upcycled to a Fun, New Bench

A few summers ago I was given a set of rundown old chairs that had sat in a barn for years. To the naked eye they were trash, but I took them because I knew eventually I could do something with them.


I was out of furniture to refinish so I went and raided my basement. These chairs had taken up room for three years and I was determined to get them out of my basement. 


1. I sanded the chairs down and since my daughter was sleeping I couldn’t run to Home Depot to get wood for the seat, so I looked around my garage for an answer.

2. I have pallets hung all over my garage and I hate the look of them cluttering it up. So I thought why not cut one up and use some of the boards as the seat of my bench. It took some work to get the pieces of wood off, but I finally did. 


3. I then cut the boards to the correct size and decided to put a couple underneath the seat for a storage area. I hate having shoes all over the place so it would be a good place to put them.

4. As I was looking at my chair bench I wasn’t loving the look of it. It just looked like two chairs with wood across the seat, so I took a chance and cut off the two center legs. Luckily it worked out perfectly. 


5. I predrilled all the holes, to ensure the chair didn’t split when I screwed the pallet wood into them.
6. It was then time to paint. I spray-painted the chairs with Rust’Oleum Dark Walnut in Satin. It was just too boring all one color so I taped 10 inches up and sprayed the bottom with Rust’Oleum Metallic Copper. It was gorgeous. 

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