Refinished Furniture

Vintage Wash Stand Transformed To Modern Jewelry Holder

PictureThis piece was given to me by a family member because it was ‘broken’ and she thought I might be able to do something with it. I have some pretty sick problem solving skills, so I immediately knew that since one door was broken off I would take the other one-off and make the bottom area storage with some pretty baskets or nothing at all. Problem solved.  Still, it sat in my garage for two summers before I finally had the desire to start it. I had run out of other projects to do and my husband would not stop talking about all the ‘junk’ in my workshop (our garage). “blah, blah, blah, we can’t even get one car in, blah, blah, blah”
So I started on this old wash stand…


I started by standing everything down with 80 grit and then went over that with 220 grit to get a nice, smooth surface. Then I stained the entire body, except the drawers, gray. I didn’t like the gray, it had a blue tint to it, so I went over that with ebony stain and got the perfect color. You could see the red of the wood come through and the gray stain in other places. Gray was the perfect mess-up. 


I didn’t like how the side panels and the storage area looked when it was stained so I waited for the stain to dry and then spray painted the panels and inside with  Dark Walnut in a Satin finish. I also sprayed the towel holder (jewelry holder) with Dark Walnut. I didn’t know what to do with the towel rack. It was too short to put a mirror inside of it, but too tall that if you put a mirror where you could see yourself the towel bar cut your face in half. So I went back to one of my favorite accessories… decorative metal. I had made a picture frame into an earring holder before and loved it. 


It was the perfect solution and gold was the perfect match to the dark stain and paint. I tied it onto the towel rack and Voila, an earring holder. 


To tie the bottom into the top I painted the drawers gold. I put shellac on the top, the bottom storage area and the drawers for a little extra shine and durability. I got new handles for half off at hobby lobby and it was ready to be put to use!

In the St. Louis area? Get it on Craigslist


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