Refinished Furniture

$25 Treasure From GoodWill

PictureBefore I fell in love with this Magnavox Astro Sonic Turntable the moment I saw it and the best part… it was on sale from $50 to $25! I had been searching second-hand shops for a buffet for my dining room and I knew this would work perfectly. Like usual I got the standard, “What are you going to do with that piece of shit?” and like usual I said, “I’m going to make it a masterpiece.” After using chemical stripper and then my orbital sander for hours I had gotten it ready to paint. With all the detail of the piece I decided it would be easier to use spray paint… and I was right.

Sand, Sand, Sand
Sand before, Sand in-between and Sand after.

After One side has a storage area for my margarita and martini glasses and the other has the radio and record player


PictureThis is still my favorite piece I have ever done. The most amazing part… the radio and record player still work! I almost ripped it all out and then by chance decided to plug it in and it worked! Has a great old sound to it. Best ‘piece of shit’ I’ve ever purchased. 


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