Refinished Furniture

My Beautiful Way Of Disguising Clutter

My Beautiful Way Of Disguising Clutter


I was given this beautiful piece from a family friend. It really was beautiful when I received it, but it just wouldn’t match my home. 

At this point we only had a few pieces of furniture in our newly built house so I was taking anything I could get. 

  • This piece had a lot of paint on it. It had been hand painted with oil paint so I knew just using my orbital sander would take way longer than I wanted to spend on sanding. 
  • I started with a chemical stripper. (After many times of using stripper I still don’t feel like I know how to use it well enough to really get a good strip) It did take enough of the paint off that I was content. 
  • Then with my orbital sander and an 80 grit sandpaper I sanded and sanded, removing the rest of the paint. 
  • I hate the clutter of internet and cable boxes and cords all over the place. It’s so ugly and there is no way I was going to have that in my house. I knew I wanted to put our clutter of cords and boxes in this piece.  I also knew the signal would not go through a door so I had to figure out what I could do to make it work. 
  • Earlier in the week while walking through Home Depot I found some great decorative metal sheets. I bought a couple of sheets before I even knew what I would use them on. While staring at this piece (I stare at rooms and furniture for minutes or hours trying to come up with the best look for it) it finally dawn on me to cut the door in half and put the decorative metal sheet on the lower half, making it a perfect place for the cable and internet boxes. The signals could then be transmitted to and from the area. 
  • I cut the door in half and had to place two new hinges on the top and bottom of the door. 
  • I also cut out a couple bigger holes in the back of the piece for a way to plug everything in.  
  • I usually do three coats of paint, sanding in-between each coat. So I started painting with a foam roller. (If I am going to use a roller on furniture I will usually use a foam roller) When sanding in-between coats use a very high grit sandpaper, like 320.
  • I put a polyurethane coat on the top of the piece to ensure durability. 
  • Finally, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out two different knobs, put them on and then moved it to my living room where it looks amazing. 

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