Interior Design

Creative Use For Mirrors

Creative, Modern Hallway


I wasn’t really sure what to do with this space at first. It was one of those areas that I just stared at and stared at trying to come up with a great look for this place.

I had been buying mirrors for cheap from GoodWill for years and had way to many, and it finally dawned on me what to do with the mass of mirrors I had acquired in the basement.

I started by taking the mirrors out of the frames on the ones that I could and the others I taped with Frogger Tape. I then got to spray painting.



I almost always use Rust-Oleum spray paint. It goes on better with less coats. I just used a basic white satin for these mirrors. After applying two coats and letting them dry completely they were ready to be hung, but first I had to paint the walls. I HATE tan/dirty cream walls. So boring.

After looking at numerous paint chips I had taped to the walls, I decided on Valspar Moonlit Surf in Flat. I chose flat before I realized how hard it was to keep flat paint looking mark free. When you have a husband and child it can be near impossible. I was going to stripe the paint but decided it would look to cluttered with all the mirrors, so I kept it simple!

Once the mirrors where all hung I grabbed some red flowers for a pop of color and put them in a sassy vase. I spray painted the lamp with the same spray paint I used on the mirrors and then taped the lamp shade and spray painted it red.

When it was all said and done I was thrilled with the outcome and had my perfect, unique hallway.


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