Refinished Furniture

GoodWill Dresser, A Good Buy


This dresser is absolutely gorgeous.

I knew I had to have it when I saw the detail on the drawers, with a little work this piece could go from outdated and old to modern and new. 

  • To start, there were three knobs on the top three drawers, unnecessary and ugly, so I removed the middle knob. It took away from the beautiful wood work. 
  • I went to Lowe’s and got Olympic’s Volcanic Ash in flat and high gloss. (sad thing is: I knew the name of the paint I used four years ago because it is still in my basement) I also purchased Frogger Tape. (It may be more expensive, but it is the best by far)

This project took me longer than normal because 1. I hadn’t heard of chemical stripper and 2. this dresser had a thick, thick coat of polyurethane. I sanded for hours and went through countless sanding pads. 

  • After finally getting it sanded I began painting in the garage. This was the first time I had painted in the dead of summer and here in Missouri it is ridiculously humid in July. I didn’t realize how this would affect my paint and how it would dry. After both coats I let it dry a couple of hours. With the humidity outside it just wasn’t going to dry completely.
  • When I was finished painting we took it inside and I thought letting it sit over night in the air conditioning it would dry completely and there wouldn’t be a stickiness to it in the morning.
  • The next day I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out nine different knobs. I didn’t know what would look best. I tried them all and stared for hours.
  • After a few days I picked out the best knobs and the paint was still sticky. (no lie, it was sticky for almost two years!) 
  • Four years later the paint is finally completely dry and it sits beautifully in our ‘awkward space

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