Refinished Furniture

Perfect Little Side Table

Perfect Little Side Table




This beautiful side table was the matching piece to what is now my cable/internet box holder. 

  • I did the same processes as usual, starting with applying chemical stripper. I watched it bubble up for about 20 minutes before using a scraper to remove the paint and stripper. 
  • After removing the paint that I could the stripper had left a sticky residue behind that needed to be removed with a product called After Wash.
  • I then sanded the rest of it down with 120 grit paper. 
  • I used spray paint with this piece because the surfaces were smaller and there were so many of them. It is hard to get into the small crevasses with a brush and get a smooth coat. 
  • I sprayed three coats of white spray paint sanding with 320 grit sandpaper in-between each coat. 
  • I finished with polyurethane on the top surface to ensure the paint last. 

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