Interior Design

Having a Christmas Tree Without Having To Have An Actual Christmas Tree

Having a real Christmas Tree is expensive and messy. Constantly having to vacuum up needles and remembering to water the tree is beyond annoying. At this point in our lives we are moving from apartment to apartment so having a fake tree is inconvenient. So what’s our options? After some brainstorming I came up with this… 

This super easy Christmas Tree is perfect for apartment living. It doesn’t take up much room, it’s cheap and best of all no needles and no watering!


  • Green Yarn
  • Small Nails
  • Christmas Lights
  • Small Ornaments




1. Lightly draw the outline of a Christmas Tree or just eye the outline of the tree. Hammer the nails starting at the top and making your way down in the outline of a tree.
2. Once all the nails are in place tie yarn to the top nail and start outlining the tree. When you reach a nail do a loop around it with the yarn before moving onto the next nail. 


3. After the outline is complete, tie as many or as few pieces of yarn to the outline.
4. String twinkle lights around the outline of the tree and a few through the middle. 


5. Hang small ornaments on the yarn and lights and let the tree illuminate the room and spread the holiday cheer!


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