Refinished Furniture

What’s In My Tool Box

Some of my most prized possessions set outside in my workshop/garage. For me getting new tools is beyond exciting. You can’t really go wrong getting a handyman (or woman) an awesome new tool. So here are some of my favorite tools that I couldn’t go without.
One of the best parts of my (and my husbands) workshop is what most of my tools set in… The amazing Milwaukee tool box I got Travis for his birthday. 


This thing is sickIt has a ton of cool features including…

  • 6-outlet power bar built into side of box
  • It can support up to 1,800 lbs.
  • Holes for mounting battery chargers on the exterior of the cabinet.
  • The power tool storage organizer in bottom right cabinet drawer is incredibly handy for keeping everything organized and I am all about organization.
  • Easy to move around and completely handy in every way.

Deep drawers and no slip bottoms make it easy to keep everything organized.
The drawers are also soft close so you never have the loud bang while closing them that I absolutely hate.
This tool box isn’t cheap, but I did a lot of research and felt the stability of many, many tool boxes and the Milwaukee just felt the sturdiest and most heavy-duty of them all. It’s an investment that was definitely worth it for me. 

My father-in-law got thisRyobi tool kitfor my husband for his birthday. I was just as excited as he was. I love when I feel like I get a gift too. The kit includes Circular Saw, Drill, Impact Driver, Multi-Tool, Reciprocating Saw, Work Light, Two Batteries and a Charger. This kit along with my sanders allow me to do the majority of the task I need to while refinishing furniture. 

I couldn’t live without my sanders! They are the most used tools I own.
Orbital Sander by Black and Decker
Multitool by Ryobi 
Corner Cat Finish Sander by Ryobi
For all my sanding needs these are the tools I use. I use each for different types of spaces, but it really is just personal with what you feel the most comfortable with. I love when tools have a dust bag. I never realized how much I appreciated it until I got the Corner Cat which doesn’t have a bag and left dust EVERYWHERE. 

This is the Dremel 7300. I love this tool. There are a ton of different attachments to get for it and a lot of different uses like drilling, sanding, shaping, detailing and other light-duty jobs. There are heavier duty versions that can get pretty pricey, but I only need it for little jobs so mine was quite a bit cheaper.  I use it to sand wood, cut metal, engrave (a lot of pointless engravings all over the garage)and polish. The battery does run out pretty quick though, so if you plan on using it for long periods of time I would buy an extra battery. 

The cable cuffs, to the left, are amazing for organizing. They are a staple throughout my workshop. I love them.

To the right is a kit every house needs, the Husky 45-Piece Stubby Socket And Wrench Set. You can get it pretty cheap at Home Depot.  It can help with any quick fixes you need around the house. 



I CAN’T live without my Stanley Shop Vac. I love a clean work space and after every day of work I clean all my tools off and vacuum the shop. Clean is Key! I don’t mind that it doesn’t have wheels, because it is light weight and no wheels mean they can’t break off like with my previous vac. 


Every shop needs a Miter Saw. Looking back now I should have spent the extra money and got the 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw. Mine is the 10″ saw and it doesn’t slide. The slide really is a must. I would suggest to anyone to spend the extra money and get the slide. 


​I got this Ryobi Drill Press this summer. It was a good deal from an estate sale. While I don’t have a lot of use for it right now, I love knowing if I need to drill some holes quick I have the perfect piece of equipment for it. After all you can never have too many tools. 


So this last item isn’t something that you must have in a workshop, but it’s sick! Too cool not to mention.
The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger. It is a radio with Bluetooth ability, auxiliary cord and USB port that has the ability to charge your phone or pad. You can get full sound wirelessly from over 100 feet away. You can plug it in to an outlet or use any M18 battery.
It has a reinforced roll cage for protection from weather and roughness. It has a weather-sealed storage compartment to protect the phone or other small objects.
The M18 battery is not included so you will have to purchase that also if you want to use it cordlessly. It weighs 17 lbs and sits a foot high. Not gonna lie it is pretty pricey, but it’s pretty awesome and worth the money if you listen to a lot of music while working.

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