Interior Design

Design Inspiration From My Travels Part 1

Overtime instead of wishing I was back in the states with fast food, parking lots and targets I learned to embrace Europe and all that I could learn. Since I couldn’t work I had plenty of time to focus on getting my masters. I used what I saw while traveling and living abroad in my school work, which has now carried over to my actual work in interior design and architecture.

Refinished Furniture

Choosing The Right Paint Sprayer For You

I recently celebrated (well…had. I wasn’t overly excited for it) my 29th birthday and my husband got me one of my favorite gifts… a Home Depot gift card. I had been talking about getting a paint sprayer for a year so I could take my projects to the next level. Since I am very particular… Continue reading Choosing The Right Paint Sprayer For You

Refinished Furniture

Researching and Comparing Paint Sprayers

The entire time I was researching different paint sprayers and what each brought to the table I was set on a HVLP.  I started looking for a good brand and model. Researching them I realized how annoying thinning paint would be.  It’d be a huge hassle, messy and time-consuming to have to thin the paint every time… Continue reading Researching and Comparing Paint Sprayers